Welcome to The Village Wellness Center

Welcome to The Village Wellness Center

Welcome to The Village Wellness Center Welcome to The Village Wellness Center Welcome to The Village Wellness Center

Independent practitioners at The Village Wellness Center promote well-being by providing services and resources in mental health and wellness.

A mindfulness-based philosophy is used to emphasize present-moment awareness as a pathway to recognizing and dismantling counterproductive habits in thoughts, emotional reactivity cycles, and lifestyle patterns. Through cultivating mindful awareness, we can unlock new approaches to life; reduce stress, interact with greater empathy and compassion, focus and solve problems more effectively, and experience life more fully with those we love. 

About Us


Georgianna Achilles, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist  

Founder, The Village Wellness Center

Dr. Achilles works with adults, teens and children. She has worked in academic, non-profit and private practice settings with specialization in trauma treatment and mindfulness.  Mindfulness utilizes present-moment awareness to better understand and address self-defeating patterns, improve mental focus and imbue daily life with acceptance and compassion. A strengths-based journey paves the way towards gathering insight, inviting healing, and overcoming areas of persistent difficulty.   

Areas of clinical focus: depression, anxiety, stress management, trauma, child abuse, parenting stress, child behavior problems.

For parents:  https://theparentmanual.org/parenting 

In network insurance plans: Anthem/BCBS; Cigna


Bennett Crawford, MSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Independent Practitioner, The Village Wellness Center 

Bennett Crawford is a licensed social worker with experience providing therapy across a range of presenting concerns. Concurrent to his private practice, he works for the Fairfax County Community Services Board as a mental health and substance abuse counselor.

Bennett is devoted to teaching mindfulness and has been practicing for over 15 years. He has received training in facilitation and coaching, and has studied many eastern and western philosophies and practices in the field of change and transformation. He has led seminars and workshops over the years and is inspired to share with others the gifts of deeper trust, wisdom and compassion through the practice of mindfulness and mindful mutuality and how this can make such a difference in the world.

In network insurance plans: Anthem/BCBS; Cigna


Paul Henry, MS

Licensed Professional Counselor

Independent Practitioner, The Village Wellness Center 

Paul Henry has over 20 years experience in the mental health field, having worked extensively with youth, adolescents and adults in a variety of school systems.  He employs a strengths-based, client-centered approach to address individualized needs.  He brings empathy to the clinical relationship with an emphasis on the collaborative nature of therapy.  Techniques include cognitive-behavioral and relaxation strategies.  In addition to his LPC, Mr. Henry also has national certifications as a Career Counselor and a Master’s of Science degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University-Maryland, which lends a pastoral approach if requested.

Mr. Henry also addresses executive functioning skills (EF; i.e. time management, task initiation, planning ahead, organizing, attention/focus, self regulation) - the building blocks of academic, professional and life-management success! 

Areas of clinical focus: ADHD; substance abuse; emotional dysregulation; anxiety; behavior problems; stress management; career development.  

In network insurance plans: Anthem/BCBS; Cigna


Beth Spring, LMFT

 Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

Independent Practitioner, The Village Wellness Center

Beth Spring facilitates mindfulness workshops at The Village Wellness Center, drawing from her credentialing in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy and other evidence-based mindfulness programs. She is also a facilitator of the Meditation Community of Herndon/Reston meditation group.   She has an active private practice in Herndon, VA where she works with individuals, couples and families, supporting them in their journeys through difficult times and self-discovery. Please visit her website for further information and to take in her inspired writings: www.bethspringtherapy.com



Intro to Mindfulness: Cultivating Calm

Facilitator: Beth Spring, LMFT

2 1/2-hour workshop

Upcoming dates: April 18, 2020 - 2:30 - 5pm (online format)

At The Village Wellness Center

Fee: $50


Stress in our lives is inevitable – we can’t avoid it. How we respond to stress matters. If our thoughts cascade in patterns of fear, worry, or self-criticism, then stress may feel even more overwhelming, making us vulnerable to physical as well as emotional distress. 

When we respond to stress from a place of compassion, first for ourselves, then for others, our experience can shift significantly. 

Cultivating Calm is a unique introduction to mindfulness. Drawing on top authors and her own practice, Beth Spring provides guided sitting meditations, an experience of mindful eating, discussion about stress management, and resources to assist in beginning or maintaining your own practice.

A Mindful Journey: Practices for Wellbeing

Facilitator: Beth Spring, LMFT

Periodically offered as registration allows
At The Village Wellness Center  

6-weekly meetings - group uses evidence informed resources such as the MindfulnessBased Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) program.  

You will learn:  

• How to begin a practice of breathing and gentle movement to manage mood and other challenges;

• Meditation techniques for training mental focus and reducing stress; 

• How compassion and open-hearted awareness assist with selfconfidence and self-care; 

• Strategies for coping with mild to intense distress; and 

• How interpersonal mindfulness can enrich and support wellbeing.

How to Register for a Group

Please email contact@thevillagewellnesscenter.org or call 703-464-7017 for more information about registering for groups at VWC. 

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Practitioner schedules vary. Hours are by appointment only.